2018 Points Fund Plan


It's been a hugely successful hit since 2006, so it's back again in 2018.  With recent changes, both promoters and racers love it!  In years past, the top 10 competitors in each series/club received various free Triple X Race Co parts ... now the high points team will receive a huge discount on a Triple X Race Co Chassis or Chassis Kit.   So RACE HARD!

If if your Track/Series/Club is not yet participating, register with TeamXXX at teamxxx@xxxraceco.com.  Add thousands of dollars to your points fund!!!!

For a list of Tracks/Series/Clubs participating in the 2018 points fund click here.

Read below for 2018 Point Fund details Ö.

What Competitors Win (what Series/Track can add to their 2018 point fund)






50% Off Any XXX Chassis or Chassis Kit

This coupon can only be used for a XXX chassis or applied towards a XXX chassis kit; no substitution for other parts.

(Does not include shipping)

(depending on kit)


Class/Race Car Requirements
1.   Race cars must be full size sprint cars, midgets, or 600 mini sprints.
2.   Any (and all) motor configurations are acceptable.
3.   Cars must race on a dirt track.
4.   Class must contain a minimum of 15 cars.
Competitor Requirements
  1.  TeamXXX Requirements
  1.  Competitor (or team) must be a registered member of TeamXXX.
     Registration is free.  Not registered?   Click here to register
  2.  Competitor (or team) must have placed at least one (1) order in 2018.
     Havenít ordered?  Click here to shop and save
  2.  Decal Requirements  
  1.    Car must have Triple X Race Co decal on both the right and left side of car.
  2.    Decal must be on top wing, nose wing, hood or arm guard.
  3.    Decal must be at least as big as supplied by Triple X Race Co with orders.
  4.   Driver/Team Owner must, at some point in the season, supply a picture
      of their car running a Triple X Race Co decal.  This can be as easy as providing
      a link to a web sight where the car is pictured.
  3 Proof Of Finish
  1.   Season point finish position must be verifiable (at some location) on the web.
Series/Track Requirements
1.   The Series/Track will supply Triple X Race Co with list of competitorís email
      and/or mailing address. These emails will be used by Triple X to promote this offering,
      your track points fund, and describe to racers/team owners how they become
2.   The Series/Track agrees display a Triple X Race Co banner (or large decal) where
      competitors will see it at each race.
3.   The Series/Track agrees to announce to the competitors that Triple X Race Co is a
      sponsor of their points fund.
4.   The Series/Track agrees to put the Triple X Race Co logo and links to the Triple X
      Race Co home page (www.xxxraceco.com) within their website.
5.   One (1) Triple X Race Co front axle will be sent (along with the coupons) to
      Series/Track for a door prize.  We require a photo of the winner of the axle (door
      prize) to be sent to us.  This is a promoter responsibility.
6.   Series/Track has a minimum of 12 unique events (ie: at least 12 different racing
      dates) involving the class being sponsored.

Coupon Details

  1.   Coupon expires 60 days after date of issue.
  2.   Coupon good for a single order (1 coupon per order).
  3.   Coupon must be redeemed by competitor or winning team (no substitutes). 
      Coupon is non-transferable.
  4.   Coupon has no cash value.
  5.   Coupon does not include shipping.  Competitor (or team) is responsible for
      chassis shipping costs.
  6.   Coupon will be sent to Series/Track representative prior to the year end banquet.
* Above rules, requirements and discounts subject to change without notice.  Signed agreement between Triple X Race Co and Series/Track is final.