qual·i·ty  1 a : degree of excellence : GRADE <the quality of competing air service> b : superiority in kind <merchandise of quality> 2 a : a distinguishing attribute : CHARACTERISTIC <possesses many fine qualities> b archaic : an acquired skill : ACCOMPLISHMENT

At Triple X Race Co, quality is not just a buzz word.  And it's not something we take lightly.  It's a commitment.  It's part of our mission statement.  We understand the need for quality.  Without it, we know you won't use our parts.

All our parts are made from certified materials.  And not certified by just the manufacturer and country of production; we enlist independent labs and metallurgists to perform mechanical and chemical analysis of the materials used.


Every aspect of the manufacturing process is designed by experts in the industry.  People who have been in the industry for years.  People that raced too.  People that know what quality means at 130 mph,  and the consequences of failure.  All production is supervised by engineers, and is produced in carefully controlled ISO 9001 Certified factories.


We randomly test parts to ensure they meet our high standards.  We inspect, measure, stress test, and basically all around destroy them.  Only when they pass our battery of tests does the batch get stamped Triple X.

But it doesn't end there.  We listen to you .... the racer.  Your feed back is incorporated into the parts we make.  Based on real world use, we constantly improve each part.

Quality ... it's why we race the parts we sell.

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